Nonprofit Organization

Peace-It-Together's responsive layout displayed on a desktop, a laptop, and a smartphone

My Role

I am the sole web developer at Peace-It-Together, a nonprofit providing mental health services in Santa Clara, CA. Since taking over from their previous developer I have redesigned the site, restructured the markup to be more semantic, and set up online registration for their annual charity golf tournament. I communicate with the director on an on-going basis to manage content and provide advice on how to improve the site.


  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Responsive

Peace-It-Together is a fully responsive site built with WordPress. Its theme has been customized to better present the organization’s brand and content.


Demo: Form Validation with HTML5

Screenshot of Order Form site

What Is It?

This is a simple order form I built to experiment with client-side validation. It uses a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to check the form for errors before being sent to the server. Click the link below to see it in action.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive

Validation starts with the HTML5 attributes required, type, and pattern. Next, the Constraint Validation API is used to provide custom error messages when validation fails. If the form is submitted and does not pass validation, the CSS3 pseudo-classes :valid and :invalid are used to style any invalid fields. Fallbacks are provided for older browsers that don’t support these features natively.

Paleo Pantry


Screenshot of Paleo Pantry site

What Is It?

A web app that allows you to find recipes based on an ingredient you enter. As you type in an ingredient, recipes with a matching ingredient will automatically show up. Give it a try!


  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • JSON
  • Responsive

Recipes are stored on the server as JSON objects. As you type in the search bar your query is converted into a regular expression. That regular expression is matched against all available recipes and only the ones that include your ingredient are displayed. This action is preformed asynchronously on every keystroke via AJAX.



I majored in Spanish at San Jose State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2009. Although I really liked the language, I never found a career path that appealed to me. Following college, I volunteered at a local TV station where I assisted in all aspects of video production from interviewing to editing. It was during this time, while uploading videos to the Internet, that I was introduced to web development. I started off slow with basic HTML and eventually progressed to CSS and then JavaScript. It wasn’t long thereafter that I decided to pursue web development professionally.


I am a volunteer web developer at Peace-It-Together, a nonprofit in Santa Clara, CA. I started working with the organization in early 2014 when they needed someone to take over the maintenance of their site. My duties started out simple enough—uploading content, fixing broken links, etc.—but soon expanded to include design, development, SEO, and more. I have since redesigned their site and continue to work with the director to implement improvements. When I’m not busy helping them out I like to work on personal projects, like “Order Form” in my portfolio, to learn and expand my skill set.